For select your design and heel size, follow the instructions

  1. Go to Productos

1 step1 

  1. Select your product

2 step

  1. Select your size heel in Tamaño de tacones

3 step

  1. Add to the car in Añadir al carrito

4 step

  1. If you want select more product, please repeat the step 1 to 4


  1. When you finish go to Carrito

6 step6

  1. You can see your products, and for finish go to Finalizar compra

7 step

  1. Complete the form

8 step 8 2 step

  1. Please in Notas de pedido write Indiegogo  and select Transferencia

9 step

10 .Then go to Realizar el pedido

10 step

We receive your purchase with your specifications, while you pay for Indiegogo